About Us

Restaurex is a dynamic company establishing a network of brand name quickservice and fast casual restaurants within targeted urban and rural areas in Western Canada.

Choosing Alberta as Restaurex’s base of operations was not a random decision, but a strategic one. Alberta has the most stable and fastest growing economy in Canada with 3.8 million people and growing. The population is comprised of the right demographics for quickservice food consumption along with the strength of its distribution channels.

We are fresh, driven and committed to delivering the best experience to our customers.

What we stand for

Our Mission:

Great Tastes, Great Brands, Great People.


Our Values:

  • We thrive to create internal magic and external wow!
  • We continually bond with our customers and go beyond their expectations to create a fun and memorable experience, every time.
  • We deliver the best in quality products with leading brands that surpass any industry competitors.
  • We embrace change and innovation.
  • We personify the hardworking can do attitude.
  • We celebrate our success.
  • We are positive and passionate about what we do.

Our People:

Our greatest asset: Our People are the heart and soul of our business everyone has the freedom to succeed and explore their full potential.

Great brands and high profile, convenient locations alone don’t make our quickservice and fast casual restaurant concepts successful. It is really the power of people that makes Restaurex go: the enthusiastic people that work for us and the people like you whom we have the privilege to serve.

Our goal is simple: to go beyond our customers expectations and to do that, we have a dedicated and passionate team of folks who go out of their way to make it happen.

If you love helping people in a fun, dynamic and fast-paced environment, you might just like it here at Restaurex. Check out our Careers section for more information on joining our winning team.



200, 2121 Premier Way,
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada,

Office: 780.467.0300
Catering: 780-901-7174


Contact Us today for catering and School lunch program options from any of our Subway locations.



If you love helping people in a fun, dynamic and fast-paced environment, you might just like it here at Restaurex. Check out our Careers section for more information on joining our winning team.